Simplecarry Company Limited is committed to a 10-year warranty on all balo products, briefcases, bags, and 24-month valise products.
Warranty Policy:
- Warranty:
+ Products that make technical mistakes by the manufacturer such as sewing just fell, zipper, lock hook, handle, broken wheel, broken, broken.
For unused new products, Simplecarry applies the warranty 1 change 1 within 7 days (from the date of purchase of products indicated on the warranty card or invoice). In case the product is no longer available, Simplecarry will replace one of the other products with equivalent value.
For used products, Simplecarry will review the degree of damage and make repairs from 3 to 7 days.
- Cases not covered by warranty:
+ Overdue product warranty.
+ Invalid warranty card. The valid warranty card is a warranty card with full information such as product code, product name, color, price, date of purchase, card must be intact, not modified, erased.
+ Casualties: Pairs, bags, backpacks are severed or accidentally torn, broken, broken, damaged or burned during use or environmental damage.
Misuse, guidance (too heavy, wearing a strap (for balo)), self repair, or any damage caused by natural disasters during use of the product. .
* In addition, if the warranty expires, or if the product is not covered by warranty, the customer can send the product to Simplecarry for repair and will be charged according to current price list.
When you need warranty, please send to:
124 Nguyen Huu Dat street, Tay Thanh ward, Tan Phu district, HCM city
(Include product warranty)


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